Registered AKC & NKC Beagle Pups for Sale

 All of our Beagles are hard hitting jump dogs, both registered AKC or registered NKC/ARHA (my old hunting bloodline). Gone are the days of jumping on brush piles to find rabbits, that job belongs to my bloodline of Beagles. From time to time, we have young started dogs for sale, and occasionally a limited number of adult running dogs. Please contact us and let me know what type of beagle you are looking for and I will give you an honest answer whether or not our line of beagles will fill your needs. We have mostly tri-color, red and bluetick beagles.

Pine Valley Gundogs

Our Beagles

Occasionally, we host started dogs for sale and limited running dogs. Let us know the kind of Beagle you are looking for, and we will send you what we offer.